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In the Opera web browser, until I can figure this out better,view source, and change path in freemindbrowser.html from "freemindbrowser.html" to the mindmap you want to display.



Add to Netvibes


Photos by Cainmark

Cainmark's Opera Page

Opera Albums

flickr See a small sample badge of my flickr photos at the JavascriptsDisplayPage

flickr Contacts 



Update I really like the social network and creative commons labelling of photos on flickr. Dowside to Ourmedia was it was so slow. Upside it it's on the Internet Archive. Posting directly to the archive might be good for my own stuff that I don't want flickrized, maybe. Private photos online for me and family only? flickr, bu thave to pay. Opera? Space limitations. Don't know yet.



(also G-Customs~_GT_Recipes)


My cafepress shop:



(also G-Customs~_GT_Recipes)


Photos and my drawings on t-shirts, as well as public domain images at my ccafepress shop.




"I use my psychoses for GOOD, not EVIL." is my own phrase, trademarked by me back in 2005.












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