Keeping this until I can get back to it, at least o archive some information from it.





World pandemic, unfortunately, is not the bbn of a band.


Time flies when you get older.  faster and faster.



Been a long time.  computer crashes. job changes. family episodes.  working on rearranging things.  will uplad a new mindmap when ready-20141230





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Update 20080319 17:21 Wed Experimenting with OpenID, looking for another blog that has as good social functions as LiveJournal without those damnable ads. I really like my Basic Account. Wordpress is my favorite blogging software so far, especially the .org version. But it doesn't ahve the nice social aspects of LiveJournal, and the MySpace and FaceBook and Friendster social networks have way too many people who _aren't_ my friends or share my interest on them to make them viable.












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Update 20071030 17:37 Tue Getting a little bit irritated that the Creative commons license keeps getting flagged and removed by pbwiki as spam, when it's not. Especially now that it's not showing on the front page at all. Works okay in the sidebar (the little one), but I wanted the larger one here.

Update 20071019 15:34 Fri Added Netvibes graphical links to my Netvibes RSS modules on each page I have so far.

Update 20071016 16:54 Tue Added a Recreation page for games and exercise


Update 20070907 23:44 Fri After creating a private wiki for myself and going back around this one-jeez, my mind's all over the map, isn't it?

Update 20070907 I'm trying to figure out a better way for compartmentalization and sharing of my data. Publicly, privately. Already seperated Media from Programs from other data from The OS programs. What I'm coming up against is, how much do I share publicly? How much do I keep to myself? I may be okay with sharing information, but what about other parties or family members who don't want their names or photos shared? How do I separate that out? I think I need to create a whole new folders for different levels of private stuff on my home computer. Private for me. Immediate Family only. Extended family. Friends only. Close Friends only. What got me thinking about this is that I would like to have a blog besides my cybername one, one that's more my name and professional life, and one for my part-time hobbies. I would like to use my real name for the latter, but for the reasons cited above I'm a little hesitant to do so. I wonder if pbwiki can feed posts into my livejournal by rss?

Update 20070808

In the Opera web browser, until I can figure this out better,view source, and change path in freemindbrowser.html from "freemindbrowser.html" to the mindmap you want to display.



Update 20070607Most of the basics of my pages have been completed. I am changing some things that are on my mindmaps to rss feeds at my netvibes page. Some other things I find work better at the Remember the Milk todo list website.

Update 20070322 I do believe I want to use this as my website on the web. It has the best combination of features I could find after using lots of other things over the years. Started adding graphics to the menu items.

Update 200700405 This is working out pretty well. Not carrying lots of this in my head all the time is freeing me mind so I don't feel as stressed as I have been.


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