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FAQ For Cainmark's Wiki




What is your contact information?

Leave a message in the comments of my Livejournal or the bottom of the JavascriptsDisplayPage or as a last resort, e-mail me at cainmark@bigfoot.com . My e-mail bounces sometimes, which is why the other two ways are better online ways of contact.


Who am I?

This is my OpenID page: http://claimid.com/cainmark

My name is James N. Reynolds and I'm a happily married middle-aged man. More information will be available at this page:



What do I do?

I do lots of things. In the distant past I would have been considered a Renaissance man. Now, in this age of hyper-specialization, I am considered a dilettante. Without the money.

I have a day job that I love at an academic library. What I love most about it, besides the health insurance, is that when I leave my job, I don't take it home with me. Leaving me free to work on the things I really care about that don't necessarily help me eat or pay rent.


What is this wiki for?

This wiki is basically my homepage on the World Wide Web. I have tons of data that I like to share, but also lots of ideas and projects that I want to keep track of, but haven't found a good time or place to implement them yet. I'm also a systems/categorization/information/story junkie.


What does ClassificationByLoc stand for?


That is the classification system used by the Library of Congress. It is used in academic and larger libraries. It's also how my books are arranged. I have a tailored version I made for me to use in all aspects of my life to keep my ordering of things easy, straight, and out of my head, with a good way to reference back to them, whether in real life or virtually. It's working out far better than I could have dreamed so far (20070310 Sat 15:17:24). Here's a link to my LiveJournal post that shows how I use it: http://cainmark.livejournal.com/487139.html


The open-source freemind program has been a godsend for me since I think better visually.

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